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The JOOLA Pro Pickleball Net is a mobile net that plays as if it were cemented into the ground. The thick steel frame makes it a favorite in recreation centers and sports clubs, as it can easily convert tennis courts into pickleball courts.

  • Thanks to the 6 rollers, the net can be rolled from the sports hall to the outdoor court.
  • Standard length of 6.5 meters to achieve the recommended 30 cm over the pickleball court lines on each side.
  • The heavy steel cable tensioning system reaches the prescribed height of 91 cm at the sides with a hand crank, while the middle band ensures that the center reaches the 86 cm mark.
  • The top vinyl strip ensures durability, but also the playability that pickleball players expect at tournaments and in top clubs.
  • The powder-coated frame withstands Mother Nature and endless hours of outdoor play.

The net weighs approximately 80 kg and is delivered by a forwarding agent.

Weight80 kg
Dimensions120 × 80 × 15 cm


Joola Pro Pickleball Net



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