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  • Number of holes: 38
  • Weight: 26.4 gram - 0.93 oz
  • Diameter: 7.112 cm - 2.8″
  • USAP approved

Marketing description

For nearly a decade, Selkirk has been revolutionizing paddle technology with relentless innovation. Throughout this journey, one crucial aspect has remained stagnant: Pickleball balls. These unassuming balls have an immense impact on the playing experience, yet the landscape of ball innovation has remained barren. Selkirk has recognized the urgent need for change.

While the pickleball community demands consistent trajectory and unwavering durability, these important qualities have often been overlooked. Determined to reshape the game, Selkirk set out to penetrate the pickleball market with the same rigor of research, development and innovation.

Now (late 2023), after years of dedicated effort, Selkirk proudly unveiled the Pro S1 Pickleball Ball - a testament to the relentless pursuit of progress. This remarkable creation embodies the essence of next-generation pickleball technology and is the culmination of our relentless commitment to improving the playing experience for every player.


  • New patented design: The Pro S1 ball features a new, patented design developed to create a ball with consistent flight, consistent bounce and superior durability. Guaranteed with a 1-year crack-free warranty.
  • Unrivaled consistency: How the ball feels when it leaves the clubface is more important than any other aspect, feature or measurement during a game. With the Pro S1 Pickleball, you have full control and confidence to make the right shots at the right time in the game.
  • Superior longevity: After years of development, the Pro S1 pickleball utilizes seamless rotomolding technology that provides a perfectly round and balanced ball that plays faster, spins accurately and lasts longer. The Pro S1 maintains its shape when playing both indoors and outdoors for an even more enjoyable playing experience.
  • Game-changing aerodynamics: Engineered to perform better, the Pro S1 pickleball features an advanced aerodynamic design with a patented 38-hole pattern that delivers consistent ball flight on every shot. The Pro S1's seamless construction gives players the finesse they want with more speed and optimal spin.
  • Unrivaled performance: Designed to fulfill Selkirk's mission of innovation and superior performance, the Pro S1 is more than just a ball. It's another tool to help you reach your optimal potential.

Experience the Pro S1 Pickleball Ball from Selkirk. The new pickleball standard for consistency and durability.



Selkirk Pro S1



Number of holes




USA Pickleball Approved



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