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The Pickle Two is the upgrade of the first pickleball machine "Lobster - The Pickle".

We have added a 2-line oscillation to the random oscillation of the pickle. With the 2-line function, the ball is alternately thrown to two preset points on the court, with one ball being thrown to the forehand side and then one ball to the backhand side. This is ideal for singles or doubles training. We have also changed the height adjustment from manual to electronic to simplify and speed up the angle adjustment of the Lobster Pickleball Ball Machine The Pickle Two.


  • Optional random deflection: Random / Horizontal
  • Ball speed: 10 - 60 mph / 16 - 97 km/h
  • Ball capacity: 135 balls
  • Beat interval: 2 -12 sec.
  • Power supply: Battery/ external power supply optional
  • Battery life: 4 to 6 hours
  • Start height: Manual 0 - 50 degrees
  • Spin: Topspin/Backspin
  • Incl. quick charger

Spare parts

Charger and other spare parts available on request.



Lobster The Pickle Two