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10 x 20 
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5 - 9
 Meter room height
 would be perfect

Which floor covering do I choose? etc... Questions upon questions - we'll help you!

Questions and
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Ideal course construction / surface

The ideal surface for competitive sports is hard, very hard - e.g. asphalt or sealed concrete.

However, we also work with companies that install a patented wooden board surface. This provides players with a slightly cushioned court (easy on the joints), which is also very hard and therefore fast for the ball.

There are also major differences in the coating. On the one hand, paint can be applied directly to homogeneous concrete or similar. However, if you want a slightly better pitch (recommended for sports centers), you can also coat the pitch. 

There are different coatings, depending on how hard you want the floor to be, what grip you want, etc.

We can provide good advice, and we also have partnerships with the best-known pickleball court builders in Europe.

Contact us if you have any questions or project ideas.

Depending on the product, a pitch costs between CHF 8,000 and CHF 15,000. In addition, there is the work on the ground and the net, although there are also big differences here.

All the nets we have on offer are recommended. Unfortunately, the more expensive the better. Not only does the weight increase with the price, but also the net edge stability. For a sporty game, the more stable net edge is an advantage and much more comfortable to play with.

The best way to create temporary pickleball courts is on a homogeneous surface. Whether this is sealed concrete with a PickleRoll court or a temporary wooden court, anything is possible! Even on a meadow, a temporary wooden surface with a pickleball court can be installed if you have enough money. 

Depending on the size of the tennis court, the answer is 2 or 4
A pickleball court (including run-out) should not be smaller than 7.5×17 meters. But ideally larger, see next question

See also the specifications of the Swiss Pickleball Association.

You can find many examples in the online image search.

Ideal are 8.5 x 19 meters to 10 x 20 meters.

However, the space should not be smaller than 7 x 17 meters!

The room height should be at least 5 meters, anything from 6-9 meters is ideal.

Official pickleball field size

Official pickleball field size
In collaboration with the Swiss Pickleball Association

Change of use

Questions and
for conversion

What is the ideal surface for temporary pickleball courts?

In principle, pickleball can be played well on any homogeneous surface. This makes the sport so accessible to the whole community. Most existing tennis courts or badminton courts are ideal for offering pickleball. First of all: outdoor tennis courts with clay do not work.

It is important that the ball bounces well and that it does not slip.

Well suited

  • Rebound Ace
  • Carpet in a tennis hall, works better than expected
  • Carpet with granulate (if not too much granulate)
  • Tartan (school playground)
  • Asphalt - should be as homogeneous as possible
  • gym at my school? The badminton court can be used well as long as the floor is not too soft. The floor lacks grip, so the ball slips. But for hobby play, this is usually enough. For children, even the lines are fine, even if the kitchen line is 15 cm too close to the net. When adults play, the kitchen line should be marked correctly, e.g. with field markers.

Not suitable

  • Clay court
  • Lawn
  • Coarse-grained concrete / asphalt

Jump off

Depending on the hardness of the ground, the ball bounces more or less. The balls are usually classified as indoor or outdoor balls. An indoor ball is not only softer, but also generally has fewer but larger holes (usually 26 holes). This means that the ball has more air resistance and is softer. A ball classified as outdoor usually has 38 or 40 smaller holes and is therefore faster and harder.

This also influences the jump.

Is the ball slipping?

The pickleball always slides on a smooth floor. This is why professional pickleball floors are equipped with a grip.

Although the bounce is good on a smooth, sealed concrete floor, pickleball can no longer be played optimally due to the high slipperiness.

Use of yellow court markers with Joola Symmetry net
Pickleball court in gym - Badminton court
Use of existing badminton courts
Carpet pickleball court
Industrial carpet

In addition to the field markers, you can also use EasyLines or adhesive tape to mark a field.

Depending on the size of the tennis court, we recommend creating 4 or 2 pickleball courts. Many examples can be found online.

Pickleball courts with Easy Lines on tennis court
Pickleball Grüze Winterthur

For school sports, 6.5 x 15 meters is also sufficient. This gives you almost no run-out, but is sufficient for children, see Details here.

Better are 7.5 x 17 meters and more.

The room height should be at least 4 meters, 5 meters or more is also ideal here.


Pickleball Court Layout

6.10 x 13.41 m

Total size

8 x 18 m to 11 x 22 m

Per tennis court

up to 4 pickleball courts

Temporary or definitive conversion

Everything is possible

"Soft" substrate

The softer, the gentler on the joints

Hard surface

The harder the ground, the faster the ball


On request with sponsors for your center


6.70m breit

Fixed and stable nets are an advantage

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