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Pickleball ball and floorball ball difference

Pickleball ball and floorball ball difference

The difference between a pickleball and a floorball is their hardness, weight, number of holes and usage.

A pickleball is a lightweight plastic ball with holes, similar to an enlarged ping pong ball. The holes provide reduced speed and stability during play. The pickleball is designed to provide a good balance between control and speed. It has a soft to medium hardness and is designed for play on the pickleball court.

On the other hand, a floorball is a special field hockey game ball that is made of hard rubber or similar material. It is firmer and denser than a pickleball and is used for the game of floorball. The floorball ball is designed to glide quickly across the floor, allowing for quick shots and movements on the field. The ball reaches speeds of up to 200 km/h.

While the pickleball is suitable for outdoor or indoor play and is played on a special pickleball court, the floorball is mainly used for indoor floorball play.

Both the Pickleball and Floorball provide optimal performance and fun in their respective sports. Their differences in shape, hardness and use allow for a unique playing experience in their respective sports.

Technical data

PropertyPickleball ballFloorball ball
Diameter7.29-7.54 cm
(2.87 - 2.97 inches)
7 cm (2.8 inch)
Weight22.1-26.5 gram
0.78 - 0.935 oz
20-23 Gram
HolesSpecification: 26-40
- 26 (Indoor)
- 40 (Outdoor)
Hole diameterunspecified10 mm (0.39 inch)
Hardnesssoft to mediumFirm and tight
MaterialPlasticHard rubber or similar material
SurfaceSmoothoften with structure
ColorBright yellow, green, pinkTypical: White
Differences pickleball ball and floorball ball
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Pickleball ball
Floorball ball
Floorball ball

Pickleball balls

Specifications Swiss Pickleball Association

The Swiss Pickleball Association specifies balls, paddles, net, field size for pickleball tournaments in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

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Swiss Pickleball Association