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Pickleball B2B for sports stores

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As a leading supplier of high quality pickleball equipment and main/exclusive importer of various pickleball brands, we offer you tailor-made B2B solutions for sports stores that want to promote the emerging sport of pickleball and benefit from our first-class product range.

Our B2B offers are ideal for sports stores and retailers. Expand your assortment with high-quality pickleball products. As a reliable partner, we support you in integrating the enthusiasm for the American trend sport pickleball into your business strategy and in offering your customers unique fun.

At Pro Pickleball we place great emphasis on the individual needs of our B2B sports business customers. We offer customized offers, attractive conditions and a wide range of high quality pickleball products tailored to your specific needs. Our dedicated team is always available to assist you in choosing the right equipment and processing your order. Because the selection is already large. The sport is still largely unknown in Switzerland. But there are already many paddles in several variations. The weight, the shape of the hitting surface and the grip, the surface texture, the color and much more play a central role in choosing the right paddle.

With our high-quality products and reliable customer service, we're ready to provide you with a world-class B2B experience. Discover the variety of our pickleball equipment and the opportunities our B2B offers for sports stores.

Contact us today for more information on our B2B offerings. We look forward to delighting your business and customers with our premium pickleball equipment!

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